• Introducing KCS v6

    We are pleased to announce the launch of KCS v6!

    Introducing KCS v6
  • Maximize the Benefits of KCS

    Years of experience have shown that there is a direct correlation between KCS understanding and KCS results. Use KCS Certification to strengthen your organization's program and reap the benefits.

    Maximize the Benefits of KCS
  • Social Network Analysis Now Available

    Optimize your KCS implementation by identifying how work really gets done. Who do people go to for questions, advice, and to explore new ideas? SNA uncovers the hidden value of relationships within the company that do not show up on the org chart.

    Social Network Analysis Now Available
  • KCS Adoption Guide

    The KCS Adoption Guide offers a step-by-step approach for planning a KCS adoption, based on twenty years of adoption experiences. Learn what makes for a successful KCS adoption and avoid common pitfalls.

    KCS Adoption Guide


Earn industry recognition for your mastery of KCS practices through certification by the KCS Academy.

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  • Tools & Services

    Tools earn the designation of KCS Verified when they demonstrate they enable all eight KCS Practices.
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  • Tools or Services earn the designation of KCS Aligned when they demonstrate they complement and/or enhance a specific KCS technique.
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  • About KCS

    Learn more about Knowledge-Centered Service, the methodology that reduces support costs while improving the customer experience.

  • KCS Principles and Core Concepts
  • KCS v6 Practices Guide
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