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Practices v5 to v6: Bridge Exam

If you hold a KCS Practices v5 certification and would like to upgrade your certification to KCS v6, there is a 25 question, non-proctored, 60 minute online Bridge Exam available.  The KCS v6 Bridge Exam contains questions on the new objectives and changes that were added to KCS v6 (highlighted in yellow in the KCS v6 Practices Study Guide).

Please note: The KCS v6 Bridge exam will only be available for one year and must be passed before Sept. 1, 2017.

Overview of the Bridge Exam Process

  1. Log in to your account in Webassessor
  2. Register for the “Practices v6 Cert Bridge Exam” under the KCS v6 Catalog
  3. Complete payment information (If you passed the Practices v5 exam after April 17, 2016, please email Jill DeGraff for a coupon to waive the $85 fee.)
  4. Review the KCS v6 Practices Study Guide
  5. When you’re ready, log into Webassessor and launch the exam. As this is a non-proctored exam, you can take it at your convenience. Please note that the exam cannot be paused, and there is a 60 minute time limit.


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