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KCS v6 Practices

This certification is intended for individuals who require a thorough understanding of both the KCS methodology and its adoption. This includes people who manage or advise on the adoption and continuous improvement of the KCS practices. This certification is also appropriate for product managers whose products align with or enable the KCS practices.

Full program details are available in the KCS v6 Practices Certification Instructions. For information on upgrading your v5 certification to v6, please click here.

Overview of the Certification Process

  1. Create or log in to your account in Webassessor
  2. Complete payment information for and schedule the appropriate exam in Webassessor ($450)
  3. Study for the exam (see list below, and especially the KCS v6 Practices Study Guide)
  4. Take the test!

Please see full details and descriptions in the KCS v6 Practices Certification Instructions.
There are no prerequisites to start the KCS v6 Practices Certification process. Attending a KCS v6 Practices Workshop is recommended but not required. Many KCS v6 Practices Workshops provide the option of both KCS training and the certification exam in a single course.

The following reading list is strongly recommended:

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