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Get Aligned

The KCS Academy offers a KCS Aligned designation for vendors who provide tools (software/systems) that complement and/or enable KCS best practices in the workplace. The KCS Aligned designation is a sister to the comprehensive, more stringent KCS Verified designation that is designed for larger product suites such as Customer Management, Knowledge Management, or Enterprise Content Management Systems.

Full program details are available in the KCS Aligned v5 Instructions.

Overview of the Alignment process

  1. Register with the Academy’s Credential Management System
  2. Submit Aligned v5 Tools Application and Payment
  3. Payment form processing and acceptance by the Academy
  4. Obtain KCS Practices v5 Certification (if not already held by individual who is conducting demo)
  5. Complete Self-Assessment Worksheets and upload to credential management system
  6. Schedule online technology demo using Aligned v5 Demo Request form in credential management system
  7. Conduct demo
  8. Complete Designation Fee Payment form and download and sign License Agreement and Style Guide from credential management system
  9. Publish and Market KCS Aligned v5 product
  10. Annual Alignment renewal is required



If achieved, the KCS Aligned v5 designation will let potential clients know that your tool contributes to the implementation, adoption and long term success of KCS v5 best practices. Once the formal process of alignment is complete for a product, the vendor will have specific rights and privileges to marketing materials. The marketing materials include:

  • License to use the KCS service mark and the KCS Aligned v5 designation in marketing and promotional materials related to the specific tool.
  • Applicants will be provided a brief endorsement from the Academy for use on the tool’s marketing materials and/or Web site.
  • The tool name, endorsement, and link to the company/tool web site will be included on the KCS Aligned web page on the KCS Academy’s web site.