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KCS Resources


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KCS Principles and Core Concepts – The foundation of KCS.

KCS v6 Practices Guide – Released April 21, 2016, this is the latest and most complete collection of information about how to do KCS. This description of the KCS practices and techniques is based on the collective experience of the Consortium members.

Many helpful tools are found in the Appendices of the Practices Guide:

KCS Adoption Guide – Produced by the Consortium, this guide offers a step-by-step approach for planning a KCS adoption, and is meant to complement the KCS Practices Guide and the Measurement Matters paper.

Measurement Matters – The benefits and organizational measures of the phases of KCS adoption.

Sustaining KCS Matrix – Maintaining engagement in a KCS program, described by audience.

The KCS Continuum – The evolution of KCS in a given environment.

KCS Introduction [.pptx]

Thoughts on taxonomy, classification and structure.

New vs. Known Methodology  – A write up on how to conduct the New vs. Known study

How Good is Good Enough? [.ppt] – Content quality survey

Benefits Calculator  [.xls]



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The correct use of KCS is as an adjective, for example: “[Company Name] endorses the KCS® methodology….”

KCS cannot be used in the name of an offering without explicit written permission from the Consortium for Service Innovation.  Please contact the Consortium with questions.


Certification Programs

  • KCS v6 Practices
  • KCS v6 Trainer
  • KCS v6 Internal Trainer

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