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Get Verified

The Verified program is open to all vendors who supply knowledge management functionality. The KCS Verified v5 designation is for major releases of products which successfully complete the KCS Verified v5 process. Membership in the Consortium is not a prerequisite, however, for those companies who are members, there are additional benefits such as participation in the KCS program team and the opportunity to publish joint case studies and white papers.

Full program details are available in the KCS Verified v5 Instructions.

Overview of the Verification process

  1. Register with the Academy’s Credential Management System
  2. Submit Verified v5 Tools Application and Payment through credential management system
  3. Payment form processing and acceptance by the Academy
  4. Obtain KCS Practices v5 Certification (for individual who is conducting demo, if not already held)
  5. Complete Self-Assessment Worksheets and sample reports, and upload them to the credential management system
  6. Schedule online technology demo using Verified v5 Demo Request form in credential management system
  7. Conduct demo following the KCS Technology Demo script
  8. Download and sign License Agreement and Logo Usage Style Guide from credential management system
  9. Receive Certificate and Download logos
  10. Publish and Market KCS Verified v5 product
  11. Annual Verification renewal is required



The KCS Academy has developed a list of minimum functional criteria and a set of scenarios through which vendors demonstrate their tools’ ability to support the KCS practices. Once the formal process of verification is complete for a product, the vendor will have specific rights and privileges to marketing materials. The marketing materials includes:

  • KCS Verified v5 logo for use on software packaging, marketing materials, web site and trade show advertising.
  • Verified Logo Style Guide defining acceptable use of the logo and color information.
  • Guidelines for a quote from the Consortium should the vendor wish to issue a press release about attaining KCS Verified v5 status.

Additionally, a listing of Verified v5 products will be maintained on the Academy website with links to the vendors’ web page.

Please note: while the Consortium for Service Innovation is working on updating the KCS practices, there are no plans to update the Verified program or requirements in the next twelve months.

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