Article Quality Index (AQI) is now Content Standard Checklist

A KCS v6 update! The methodology continues to be refined through use by the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

As we think about how we assess value creation in a knowledge-intensive environment, Consortium members report that renaming the Article Quality Index to “Content Standard Checklist” helps reframe it as a tool for learning and growth, as opposed to a number on which to focus.

From the updated KCS v6 Practices Guide section 5.10: Content Health Indicators:

“In previous iterations of the KCS methodology, we have referred to the Content Standard Checklist as the Article Quality Index. The idea was that especially for large and distributed teams, organizations must have consistent quality metrics for rating the article quality and performance of those contributing. In practice, this meant that organizations put all of their focus on the number generated as an indication of the quality of their knowledge base.

In reality, the Content Standard Checklist is meant to be a coaching tool to help knowledge workers understand and remember how we are aligning our articles with the content standard, and perhaps to help the organization have a broad picture of how well knowledge workers are understanding and applying that content standard.  Because we are addressing technical accuracy with the practice of “reuse is review,” this is not meant to serve as a technical review or to look at other aspects of article value or quality.”

These updates are reflected in the content in the Consortium Library as well as in the relevant KCS certification exams (alongside the reminder that it used to be called AQI).

5 thoughts on “Article Quality Index (AQI) is now Content Standard Checklist

  1. This is a great update to the methodology. I especially like the increased precision on what makes for a good quality Solve Loop KCS article — adherence to the Program’s Content Standard. So why not just say that. Excellent update.

  2. A great update. As a KCS Trainer and KM software consultant I often deal with confusions around AQI, when trying to shift focus away from article quality during discussions with customers or students. That will be much easier now, and it will also emphasize the importance of having a Content Standard.
    Thank you!

  3. Yay! This was long overdue and will help convey the idea that Compliance and Quality are not the same things !

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