Vocabulary is Important

Vocabulary is important!  I propose there are three words we should eliminate from our service and support vocabulary: deflection, avoidance, and consumption.  These three concepts are very self-centered; they reflect a vendor-centric perspective, not a customer-centric view. "Deflect" and "avoid" are often used when discussing the value of self-service, as if deflecting and avoiding our … Continue reading Vocabulary is Important

KCS v6 Practices Guide: Two Recent Updates

Based on discussions with Consortium Members, we've recently made two important changes to the KCS v6 Practices Guide: Visibility is now Audience (in reference to Article State)PII (Process Integration Indicators) is now PAR (Process Adherence Review) Article Audience: Who Gets to See What  To manage who can see which KCS articles, we use the article … Continue reading KCS v6 Practices Guide: Two Recent Updates

Intelligent Swarming Framework Released

Intelligent Swarming℠ (Agile Collaboration) is a dramatically different way to organize people and work. It challenges 30 years of accepted practice and structure in support. Released April 2019, this Framework for Collaboration is intended to capture the why and what of Intelligent Swarming. Read the FrameworkRead a summary by Framework co-author Greg Oxton Learn more … Continue reading Intelligent Swarming Framework Released