Content Availability

A Critical Enabler for Digital Transformation Success Companies, and their service organizations, are increasing their focus on digital transformation to maximize the availability and satisfaction of their product sand services in the current COVID-19 impacted economy.  Service organizations are finding that KCS is a critical enabler to their digital transformation.  A current focus for many … Continue reading Content Availability

Assistance on the Road to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for a number of years now.  The stay-at-home impacts of COVID-19 have demonstrated the importance of this transformation, which at its center, is about unlocking the value from products and services by untying them from physical or arbitrary constraints. Netflix did this when they removed the arbitrary constraint … Continue reading Assistance on the Road to Digital Transformation

Virtual Connection

Just three weeks ago, we hosted a one day KCS Coach Workshop taught by Dr. Beth Haggett, who developed the KCS Coach program. We had a great day together: about 30 people exploring the role of a coach, and learning skills, techniques, and frameworks for effective coaching. This week, Dr. Beth published a post about … Continue reading Virtual Connection

Context is More Important Than Content for Executive Buy-In

We always stress the importance of ensuring KCS articles are written in the customer context and are problem-centric rather than solution-centric.  We might capture and publish an article on "How to Change a Battery," but if the customer is searching for “my car won’t start,” the likelihood they will find the appropriate article and resolve … Continue reading Context is More Important Than Content for Executive Buy-In