Virtual Connection

Just three weeks ago, we hosted a one day KCS Coach Workshop taught by Dr. Beth Haggett, who developed the KCS Coach program. We had a great day together: about 30 people exploring the role of a coach, and learning skills, techniques, and frameworks for effective coaching. This week, Dr. Beth published a post about … Continue reading Virtual Connection

Context is More Important Than Content for Executive Buy-In

We always stress the importance of ensuring KCS articles are written in the customer context and are problem-centric rather than solution-centric.  We might capture and publish an article on "How to Change a Battery," but if the customer is searching for “my car won’t start,” the likelihood they will find the appropriate article and resolve … Continue reading Context is More Important Than Content for Executive Buy-In

Vocabulary is Important

Vocabulary is important!  I propose there are three words we should eliminate from our service and support vocabulary: deflection, avoidance, and consumption.  These three concepts are very self-centered; they reflect a vendor-centric perspective, not a customer-centric view. "Deflect" and "avoid" are often used when discussing the value of self-service, as if deflecting and avoiding our … Continue reading Vocabulary is Important