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KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification

The KCS v6 Fundamentals certification is intended for individuals who are using the KCS Practices in support centers and service desks to resolve issues for customers and end users.

The degree to which knowledge workers understand the benefits of KCS, how it works, and what’s in it for them, has a huge impact on the organization’s ability to realize the benefits of the methodology.

This entry-level KCS certification is a great way to ensure a common understanding of the methodology across large or distributed groups of knowledge workers.

Full program details are available in the KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Instructions.  To prepare for this certification, an interactive online training course is available here for a separate fee. This course is self-paced and is typically completed within 60-90 minutes.

Overview of the Certification Process

  1. Create or log in to your account in Webassessor
  2. Complete payment information for and schedule the appropriate exam in Webassessor ($85).  Please note: if you would like to pay for both the KCS v6 Fundamentals interactive online training and the exam together (total: $167), visit this page for instructions.
  3. Study for the exam (see list below, and especially the KCS v6 Fundamentals interactive online training)
  4. Take the test!

Please see full details and descriptions in the KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification Instructions.

There are no prerequisites to start the KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification process. Completing the KCS v6 Fundamentals interactive online training is recommended but not required.

The following reading list is strongly recommended:

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Certification Packages

Get your team KCS certified. Click here for information about bulk certifications at a discount.

KCS v6 Practices Registry

A registry of certified people who have passed the industry’s most rigorous KCS exam.

KCS v6 Certified Trainers

A list of people who are officially certified to teach KCS workshops.