KCS v6 Trainer Certification

This certification is intended for individual consultants and trainers who:

  • Have experience teaching/facilitating in a classroom or workshop environment
  • Have experience in customer support and are familiar with current processes, structures, management practices and metrics
  • Have experience with knowledge management in customer support organizations

Completing the Certified Trainer program means you are qualified to teach the KCS Overview, KCS v6 Practices (1.5 day, 2 day, or 2.5 day), and the KCS Leadership workshops.  The KCS Coach Workshop and the Intelligent Swarming Workshop have additional trainer certification requirements.

Full program details are available in the KCS Trainer Certification Instructions.

Overview of the Certification Process:

  1. Attend an in-person KCS v6 Practices Workshop (full 2.5 day version)
  2. Be KCS v6 Practices Certified
  3. Fill out the Application to become a KCS Certified Trainer
  4. Organize and co-teach an in-person KCS v6 Practices workshop with a KCS Certified Trainer.  The Certified Trainer must complete the Assessment form verifying your understanding and training capabilities.
  5. Pass the KCS v6 Certified Trainer exam
  6. Sign and abide by the KCS Workshop License Agreement

Please see the KCS Trainer Certification Instructions for descriptions, fees, and resources involved in these steps.

Membership in the Consortium is not required but strongly recommended as it provides Certified Trainers access to the Consortium’s KCS team meeting discussions on the evolution of KCS, as well as opportunities to interact with other Certified Trainers.