KCS Certified Trainer: Renewal Application

Certification begins on the date of completing all certification requirements and ends 24 months later.
In order to maintain an active certification status, you must:

  • Deliver two (2) two day or longer KCS workshops within 24 months of becoming certified.
  • Be up to date on workshop royalty payments.
  • Complete and submit this form and a signed KCS Workshop License Agreement (linked below).

If these requirements are not met within 24 months of certification, you must apply for reinstatement.

    Step 1: Submit details for two (2) two day or longer KCS workshops you have conducted in the last 24 months.

    Step 2: Please download, sign, and return the Workshop License Agreement to certman@thekcsacademy.net.

    Step 3: If your company signed the license agreement, this Vendor Workshop License Agreement must also be current.
    By submitting this form, I indicate that

    1. the information I have provided here is subject to audit,
    2. my royalty payments are up to date for workshops I have conducted, and
    3. I have signed and emailed the appropriate Workshop License Agreement(s).