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KCS Coach Workshop


The Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Coach Workshop develops influence skills and an understanding of the coaching process for KCS/Support Coaches.


Developing Effect-Change Agents

The benefits an organization realizes from KCS are directly proportional to the investments made in coaching.

While technology and process are key enablers of the KCS methodology, KCS is first and foremost about people and their behavior. KCS Coaches are the change agents within the support organization; they model and promote the behavior change required for a successful KCS adoption.

The two day KCS Coach Workshop is an intense, interactive program that develops a perspective on effective coaching and provides a model for sustained change and an opportunity to practice influence skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an appreciation for the role and goals of a KCS Coach
  • Develop a deeper understanding of self and how to work more effectively with others
  • Understand what makes an effective coach
  • Learn and practice coaching techniques and influence skills
  • Understand the coaching process and how to utilize coaching tools

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