KCS Leadership Workshop

Leadership Practices to Optimize and Sustain the KCS Benefits

KCS success requires a new way to think about and manage support

KCS v6 Leadership Workshop

The KCS Leadership Workshop is intended for first- and second- line managers in support organizations who are adopting the KCS practices. The workshop develops the perspective, concepts and skills needed to successfully lead a knowledge-centered organization.

The profound benefits of KCS — reducing costs while improving the customer experience and success — are realized by shifting the organization from a transaction-centric model to a knowledge-centric model. The single most frequent point of failure in making this transition and sustaining the benefit is management’s failure to embrace the needed leadership practices. The traditional approach of hierarchical organizational structures, linear processes, activity based measures and performance assessment does not enable or promote the desired behaviors.

KCS is as big a change for the 1st and 2nd line managers as it is for the support agents.

This intense two-day workshop will give managers a new perspective on their role and an opportunity to succeed in that role. We will identify the need to change and introduce managers to the power of…

  • Alignment and influence versus command and control
  • Intrinsic motivators versus extrinsic
  • Value based measures instead of activity based measures
  • Replacing linear processes with double loop processes
  • Leading versus managing

Support Analysts and Management

In our experience helping organizations adopt KCS over the past 10 years we have seen support analysts embrace the KCS concepts relatively quickly; management – not so much. This is because KCS proposes the support analyst refine what they do already; problem solving. For the managers however, KCS requires they do something entirely different. Leading a value based, knowledge-centric operation is fundamentally different than managing an activity based, transaction-centric operation.

Support analysts manage the problem solving process that drives the KCS benefits. Leaders must create the environment that enables, sustains and improves it. Managers need and deserve support in understanding the requirements and dynamics of that environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the leadership requirements to successfully adopt KCS and optimize it through continuous improvement
  • Identify the link between the organization’s goals and KCS
  • Gain an appreciation for the KCS principles and practices – what’s different?
  • Establish leadership’s role in communications and performance assessment – how do we assess the creation of value?
  • Understand the difference between activity based measures and value based measures and how to use them with employees
  • Discuss how to capitalize on the key motivational factors for employee engagement – creating an environment that enables a sense of connectedness and accomplishment
  • Appreciate the power of alignment vs the illusion of control
  • Identify and practice influence skills
  • Create excitement about and buy-in for KCS

Workshop Overview and Agenda

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