KCS v6 Fundamentals: Online Training Instructions

This training is self-paced and is typically completed within 60-90 minutes. It provides an overview of:

  • KCS concepts
  • The KCS Article
  • The process for creating an article
  • Process Integration
  • Performance Assessment

If you have previously purchased the course, please check your email for KCS ORDER CONFIRMATION to obtain your access code, then launch from this link.

Please note that the training runs on the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox, and does not work on Internet Explorer

1. Purchase an access code.

2. Check your email.

  • When checkout is complete, you will instantly receive an email from The KCS Academy (via SendOwl) with your access code(s).
  • The 10-character access code is formatted like so: “FC-XXXX-XXXX”
Fundamentals Confirmation Email

3. Launch the course

4. Enter your access code on the 2nd screen to continue.

Certification Exam Instructions (if you purchased the exam bundle):

5. Open Webassessor.

6. Register for the Exam

  • In the top right corner, click “REGISTER FOR AN EXAM”.
  • Select the KCS v6 Fundamentals Catalog.
  • Click “Buy Now” next to KCS v6 Fundamentals Cert Exam.

7. Enter coupon code

  • The 10-character coupon code is formatted like so: “FE-XXXX-XXXX”.
  • Enter the code in the Coupon/Voucher Code box and click “Redeem”. The price will be reduced to $0.00.

8. Launch exam

  • Click “Home” then click “Launch” next to the exam.

Detailed instructions on the KCS v6 Fundamentals certification exam