KCS v6 Aligned Program

Through the KCS v6 Aligned program, vendors demonstrate that their product or service supports an element of the KCS methodology or adoption process. To be KCS v6 Aligned the product or service must comply with the KCS v6 Aligned standards.

The KCS v6 Aligned designation is a sister to the comprehensive, more stringent KCS v6 Verified designation that is designed for larger product suites such as Customer Management, Knowledge Management, or Enterprise Content Management Systems.

KCS v6 Aligned Tools


Acrolinx is an AI-powered platform that helps you write better content, faster, and deliver strategy-aligned content at scale. Acrolinx encourages the adoption of KCS® by helping knowledge workers follow KCS content standards with real-time guidance while they’re writing. Boost customer self-service with knowledge articles that are findable, readable, and concise. With the option to automate article checking and scoring, you can implement KCS across your entire organization and watch how content evolves. Acrolinx connects teams across different departments to write knowledge articles that align with your organization’s content standards, including consistent use of tone, style, and terminology. Detailed Analytics Dashboards help you track the performance and health of your knowledge base and prioritize which articles to improve.  Learn more.

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Coveo for Salesforce addresses two common challenges customer focused organizations face in adopting KCS, integrating use of the knowledge base into the workflow and search analytics. With Coveo and Salesforce Service & Community Clouds, agents can search early and search often, since the search is integrated directly within their workspace. Analysts understand what content customers have already viewed via self-service portal which accelerates the problem solving process. They can quickly improve an existing article or create a new article and link it to a case. Managers leverage Coveo usage analytics to gain insight into how knowledge is being used by both customers and support agents. The analytics identify content gaps and enable continuous improvement in the search experience. Learn more.

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KnowledgeAQ by Irrevo helps knowledge managers implement content quality programs and track performance over time. KnowledgeAQ introduces customized checklists into the authoring and review workstreams to guide and evaluate adherence to quality, style, and other content standards. The resulting analytics provide visibility into performance against quality goals at the author, article, and program level. Learn more.

KCS v6 Aligned Services

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DB Kay & Associates provides implementation services to help you roll out your KCS program right the first time.

  • A Rapid Assessment to identify strengths to build on, and gaps to address
  • A Design Workshop, customized for your company, to train participants, make key implementation decisions, and walk out with an actionable plan
  • Experts on Call Consulting, to help keep you on track from the Design Workshop through launch
  • Interim Program Management, to jumpstart your KCS program until a Program Manager is put in place
  • End-user Training and Train-the-Trainer, to set you up for a successful Wave I and beyond
  • Learn more.

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Our KCS Aligned Project Management Services will seamlessly integrate Knowledge-Centered Service principles and core concepts into your Knowledge Management or Customer Service project plans. We’ll work together to determine how KCS can help you achieve your service goals and vision with a practical project perspective that works within your current or evolving project plans. We’ll help you determine how KCS can enhance your unique support environment. Whether you’re planning complex system transitions, migrating content to a new knowledge base, or making organizational changes to support long-term success, our KCS project managers will build a custom plan and help you navigate your journey, every step of the way. Learn more.

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While technology and process are key enablers of the KCS methodology, KCS is first and foremost about people and their behavior. KCS Coaches are the change agents within the support organization; they model and promote the behavior change required for a successful KCS adoption. The Aligned KCS Coach Development Workshop helps coaches learn the skills they need to encourage, inspire, and support change. Coaches become the change agents that help create momentum in a KCS adoption – or any critical organizational change strategy. Learn more.

Also see the KCS Certified Trainers page for a list of Academy certified trainers who offer KCS workshops based on the Consortium for Service Innovation materials.

Have a tool or service that complements or enables a KCS Practice? Consider getting KCS v6 Aligned.

The fact that the listed products have achieved the KCS v6 Aligned designation does not relieve the buyer of doing due diligence.