KCS Aligned & Verified Webinar Series

Learn more about KCS Aligned and Verified tools in this series of webinars. Vendors present on KCS best practices, case studies and benefits realized, best practices for deploying KCS with specific tools, and new KCS-related functionality.

Past Webinars

Electrolux Case Study: How Electrolux use KM strategy and advanced technology to improve customer experience

In 2018, Electrolux decided to focus on Knowledge Management as a key building stone for the future. By adding Knowledge Management as a separate function with the authority to impact tools, processes and resources needed, great results have been achieved:

  • Contact Center NPS:  206% increase
  • Self-service article usage:  10 488% increase
  • Time to publish (self service articles): from 40 days to 90 minutes

Today, Knowledge Management is a key driver in improving Electrolux customer experience, both with enhanced organisational learnings and process improvements, and shortened turnaround time for structured feedback to R&D.

Lena Stormvinge, Head of Digital Services at Electrolux, presented about their journey, success factors, learnings, accomplishments, and what is still to come. (slides)

KCS Verified Vendor Series with Upland RightAnswers

RightAnswers’ Michelle Stumpf discusses how you can enable your organization to successfully support KCS with technology geared around the KCS practices and workflows. (slides)

KCS Aligned Vendor Series: Optimize for Service Success

Coveo’s Bonnie Chase discusses how to improve the capacity and efficiency of your knowledge-centered organization. (slides)