KCS v5 Verified Tools

The KCS v6 Verified program was released April 2017. Please visit the KCS v6 Verified tools and requirements pages for the most up-to-date technology.

To be KCS v5 Verified means the product complied with the KCS v5 Verified standards and passed the KCS v5 technology demo assessment.

Incident Management Agnostic Knowledge Management Products


ComAround Knowledge 4.0
Verified since February 2016
ComAround Knowledge™ is an easy-to-use knowledge management and self-service tool that specializes in capturing, structuring and sharing knowledge throughout the support flow. This cloud based solution is KCS Verified v5, and integrates with ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect for faster and more efficient support. KCS training and certification is available from ComAround through their Certified Trainers authorized by the KCS Academy. The Success Team guides customers to knowledge management, self-service and KCS success. Learn more.
Oracle Knowledge

Oracle Knowledge v8.6
Verified since June 2015
Oracle Knowledge is a best-in-class stand-alone enterprise Knowledge Management solution enabling personalized, seamless cross-channel service and support. Oracle Knowledge provides a full set of knowledge management capabilities including advanced natural language processing search, base language and industry dictionaries, with support for 36 languages, rich authoring, an analytics warehouse, guided knowledge and customizable self-service and agent facing knowledge applications with connectors/adapters to Oracle Service Cloud, Siebel, EBS and other Service Desktop Solutions. Oracle Knowledge is KCS Verified V5; helping organizations solve incidents faster, improve time to proficiency and lower agent training. Learn more.

RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Hub v9.0
Verified since November 2013
RightAnswers improves customer service and IT support through knowledge management software and self-service portals that are KCS Verified v5 – the highest level of KCS certification. It enables you to provide the right answers to the right people at the right time through a centralized knowledge repository that powers all your support channels. More than 70 KCS processes are built into RightAnswers products and workflows. KCS training and certification is available from RightAnswers through their Certified Trainers authorized by the KCS Academy. RightAnswers educates clients on KCS best practices through its complimentary Client Success program. Learn more.

Combined Knowledge Management and Incident Management Products

Oracle Knowledge

Oracle Service Cloud May 2014
Verified since June 2015
Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Foundation provides an integrated knowledge management solution that delivers a seamless, consistent service experience across all channels, from self-service, contact center to communities and social sites. Oracle Service Cloud’s intelligent search and machine learning automatically learns and adapts, resulting in reduced the customer effort and increased customer satisfaction. Oracle service Cloud Knowledge Foundation is KCS Verified V5. The KCS methodology coupled with Oracle Service Cloud can help organizations solve incidents faster, improve time to proficiency and lower agent training costs by building organizational knowledge as a by-product of solving customer issues. Learn more.

Salesforce Knowledge Summer 2017
Verified since November 2012
More information about this KCS Verified product coming soon; in the meantime, click here to learn more.

The fact that the listed products achieved the KCS v5 Verified designation does not relieve the buyer of doing due diligence on the product functionality. In particular, buyers should be sure to understand the product’s functionality for authoring and searching and confirm that the vendor’s approach will support the buyer’s needs.